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nopants's Journal

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Down with pants!

*pear*, [[[[[[[[[[[[''''''''' hello root, \m/, \o/, america is weird, amie's really quite shy, australia will kill you, baby-eating dingoes, back to my sugarlumps, bacon, bear traps, being in the desert, camwhoring cats, can we fix it?, carrie stole marta's lighter, childthings, chino bandito, claire's accent, claire's boobs, cogito ergo nom, coraline, cuddle time with carrie, cuddlesluts, cupcakes, dawna's a giant head, drunken marta, drunkerpants, dusting the cat iykwim, echo, elliot is a tool, ferrell's tikka masala omg, fotc, from suck to blow, going oot, guitars, henna, hey canada, hop hop cut *emo*, hot steve injections, i'm a team player, i'm aretha franklin bitch, irc drinking buddies, jemaine's sixy dance, jen's baking nom noms, jesus won the raid, kat's o noses, laptops up, latte, leave my jen alone!, lyssa's homemade naan, lyssas don't wear dresses, mst3k, muffins, no pants, no! it's fucked!, not boobs again!, not hallucination martha, not liking peas, pantophobia, pants are for chumps, peas's ties, pefo, pickles on sticks, pictures for sad children, potatoes are what we eat, root, salmon hats, shaniqua, shit my roommate says, sick of graphs, small humans, smellies, spink, staaaaaaay, steve's on the roof, stevie's accent, tools, we love dawna!, xkcd